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Petite Victoire - Realisation by BCP

Annual report 2014
Clic the image to consult the Annual report of Accueil Bonneau.
L'Association des chiropraticiens du Québec donate 10 000$ to l'Accueil Bonneau! 
Last 9th of January, the Association des Chiropraticiens du Québec donate 10 000$ for the major campain to finance the new Carrefour multiservice! 
Thanks to everyone who helps us througout this path! 

Past events  
December 2014 - Jive pour la cause! 
Thanks to everyone!
2014-09-17 GE Capital annual BBQ
Picture of the BBQ 2013.
2014-06-11th to 15th FIMA is welcoming Bonneau at "place Émilie-Gamelin"
Accueil Bonneau was invited by the FIMA (International Festival of Montréal in Art).
Conducting painting workshops, small concerts with Mario Saint-Amand to give a more social aspect to the FIMA.
2014-05-26th 45th anniversary of the Bed In of Montréal at the Fairmont Queen Elizabeth 
Accueil Bonneau was invited by the Hotel Fairmont.
2014-05-05th Benefit show of Mario Saint-Amand with "Guys" from Bonneau at "la Tulipe" - "Binneaua les Blues"


Welcoming 137 years
Every day we open our doors to hundreds of homeless people or those at risk of being homeless. Every time, it is people like you—the volunteers, community workers, Sisters, employees, and generous benefactors—who open their hearts and extend their hands to give a little comfort to and to form a bond with those who visit us so that they can take the first step towards reintegrating themselves into society.
Thanks to you, we have been the Accueil Bonneau, the Bonneau Welcome Centre, since 1877.
Our deepest gratitude to you!
“It doesn’t really matter what makes people poor, [...] we are all human beings. Thanks to a simple act of respect shown to me by a volunteer at the Accueil Bonneau, my life changed and I was able to believe once again that I was a human being.”
- Yvon Jean, a former client of the Accueil Bonneau
137 Years of Unique Stories

Photo credit: Archives -- Montreal Grey Nuns

Since 1877, the Accueil Bonneau helps thousands of people in a situation of homelessness or extreme economic, psychological, and social poverty. Each one of these people arrives with his story and his share of hardships. The number of people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless continues to increase, while associated issues become more complex. They need us to accompany them more than ever.

What can you do to help?